Petroleum Composition

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Petroleum
● Petroleum Composition
● Petroleum
● The Refining Process
● Distillation Fractions
● Oil Processing
● Chemical Alteration Processes
● Catalytic Reforming
● Alkylation
● Fluidized Catalytic Cracking
● Hydroprocessing
● Formation of Oxygenates
● Advantages of Petroleum
● Disadvantages of Petroleum
● Advantages of Natural Gas
● Disadvantages of Natural Gas
● Advantages of Coal
● Disadvantages of Coal
● A Coal Burning Power Plant
● Disadvantages of Coal
● Effects of Coal Strip-mining

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., bin, molecule, petroleum, coal, gasoline, produce, fuel, process, amount, disadvantage,

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

petroleum the refining process petroleum composition petroleum is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons mostly saturated or aromatic ~۱ small amounts of s up to ۱ o up to ۵ n up to ۱ can have trace amounts of v fe al ca cu ni na u molecules range greatly in size and are separated into fractions based on boiling point petroleum the refining process the refining process distilling column separates crude into fractions based on b.p. a column can separate ~۲۵ barrels day ۵.bin distillation fractions the demand for different fractions varies with the time of year. gasoline is consumed in large amounts during summer. fuel oil is consumed for heating in winter demands also vary with regional climates refineries are able to alter the ratios of the fractions produced to meet demand maximize profit oil processing the distilled fractions can be altered in chemical reactors to produce increased amounts of high demand fuels. chemical alteration processes catalytic reforming produces high octane gasoline feedstocks are heated to ۵ oc passed through a series of reactors containing pt al۲o۳ catalyst products are aromatic hydrocarbons ۸.bin alkylation produces high octane gasoline requires an acid catalyst usually h۲so۴ or hf products have high degree of branching octane rating aromatic branched chain straight chain ۹.bin fluidized catalytic cracking breaks large molecules into smaller ones requires a large amount of heat input reaction quickly fouls the catalyst sio۲ al۲o۳ with a coke covering on the catalytic surface coke burned off exothermically in a regenerator regeneration provides heat for cracking process ۱ .bin hydroprocessing two steps hydrotreating hydrocracking hydrotreating hydrogenation increases saturation without breaking molecule hydrocracking breaks molecule into smaller molecules in the presence of a metal catalyst. hydrocracking requires more heat and pressure than hydrotreating ۱۱.bin formation of oxygenates gasoline additives intended to reduce co emissions reformulated gas mtbe methyl tert butyl ether is produced in refineries where isobutene is produced via cracking. ۱۲.bin advantages of petroleum easily transported liquid petroleum fuels are quite clean s metal contaminants remain in refinery residue disadvantages of petroleum oil spills fragile coastal ecosystems at risk from oil tanker and oil rig spills a significant amount of petroleum enters marine environment via natural seepage at continental margins natural hydrocarbons metabolized by microbes oil removed by microbes evaporation and photo oxidation processes disadvantages of petroleum emissions fossil fuel combustion yields co۲ greenhouse gas gasoline releases ۳۳ more co۲ than natural gas coal ۶ gasoline no is produced form n۲ and o۲ in an internal combustion engine energy for this process obtained from the exothermic combustion of the gasoline advantages of natural gas clean fuel requiring little processing easily transported via pipelines co۲ emission per unit of energy lower than other fossil fuels unburned molecules released into the atmosphere contribute less to smog formation than gasoline molecules methane’s single c is reactive than carbons of longer hydrocarbon chains disadvantages of natural gas requires high pressures or low temperatures to compress into a volume suitable for applications such as automotive transport. an unburned ch۴ molecule is ۲ x more potent than a co۲ molecule as a greenhouse gas . methane’s unreactivity results in a long atmospheric lifetime. advantages of coal large resource base relatively cheap to mine and transport by rail disadvantages of coal transportation usage ended when diesel replaced the steam locomotive ۲۶.bin ۲۷.bin disadvantages of coal low c h ratio results in more co۲ production per energy unit than other fossil fuels so۲ no emissions from power plants a primary source of acid rain. amount of so۲ no vary with the type of coal. a coal burning power plant ۲۵.bin disadvantages of coal coal extraction costly to environment and human health health concerns black lung disease mining explosions environmental concerns strip mining acid rain from mine drainage effects of coal strip mining decker montana ۱۹۸۵ strip mining done with a dragline scraper. compare scale with caterpillar tractor in the pit door of dragline scraper is ۷ feet tall. ۱۳.bin …

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