Processes Defined “Simply”

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Visualizing Information

Institute of Internal Auditors
● Calibration Questions
(Show of Hands)
● Processes Defined “Simply”
● Our Roadmap
● Why Diagram Processes?
● Two More Views
● Ways and Why We
Visualize Information
● Process Maps Can Help
● Shapes Have Meaning
On Process Maps
● Types of Process Flowcharts
● Deployment Flowchart
(Cross-Functional Flowchart)
● What it Looks Like
● Define Framework or Boundaries of Process
● Get It Down
● Get It Right
● Test
● A Most Common Gizmo
● Drawing Tools
(Word, Power Point, Excel)
● A Most Common Gizmo
● Excel vs Word
● M/S Autoshapes
● Toolbars
● Helpful Hints
● Similar Processes?
● Improving Processes
● Basic Steps
● Look for Opportunities to
● Bonus Round…
● Shapes for Audit Processes
● Which Aisle?
● Closing Thoughts
● Final Wrap-up

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

process, step, ., shape, excel, –, tool, c, flow, ‘s, map, office,

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

visualizing information institute of internal auditors calibration questions show of hands who currently does process mapping or flow charting how many use process mapping software how many have the m s office suite for what purpose what software tools do you have which versions ۲ ۳ ۲ ۷ processes defined simply it’s simple you just take something and do something to it and then do something else to it. keep doing this and pretty soon you’ve got something. jasper johns our roadmap process mapping overview choosing the tool to use reviewing processes considerations bolo’s why diagram processes the first step in any organization is to draw a flow diagram to show how each component depends on others. then everyone may understand what his her job is. if people do not see the process they cannot improve it. paul batalden quoting w. e. deming two more views any problem can be solved as long as it is stated properly. dr. edwin land a problem well stated is a problem half solved. john dewey ways and why we visualize information partial list of ways affinity diagrams fishbone the ۴ m’s methods machines materials manpower the ۴ p’s place procedure people policies the ۴ s’s surroundings suppliers systems skills cause effect control charts force field analysis graphs charts pareto process maps why array information to enhance knowledge and understanding for action. the human eye and brain is a very powerful pattern detection instrument. visualizations are an important and valuable analytic tool that enables discerning patterns in data that would otherwise be extremely difficult to find. visualization is crucial to the discovery of patterns or relationships between data elements or facts. non textual representations transcend language to provide insight. a visualization requires active processing of the picture. you can merely consume a presentation but you need to actively engage with a visualization for it to have any use. process maps can help make the invisible — visible see relationships – builds consensus compare contrast perception reality ideal improve processes as is to be training inspections audits uses provide common language reference points enable understanding. document existing process or an ideal future process uncover loopholes identify process bottlenecks unnecessary tasks duplication of effort or tasks that can be improved. end users can systematically ask important probing questions that lead to developing a view on business process improvement yes step i stop step i step ۲ no step ۱ step ۳ decision no step ۲ process map flowchart no yes shapes have meaning on process maps ellipses ovals terminators rectangles steps activities diamonds decisions torn sheets documents large d delay arrows show direction flow note two kinds of rectangles. first is for a discrete step in the flow. other with boxed ends is used to define an entire process or sub process contained within the flow. also two kinds of documents. single loan application multi the loan package . yes step i stop step i step ۲ no step ۱ step ۳ decision no step ۲ process flowchart no yes color codes value added – green rework repair wait – red inspection – yellow transport blue types of process flowcharts top down major steps inspections rework other quality issues deployment clarify roles accountability workflow people materials paperwork system maps step i step ۲ step ۳ top down flowchart step ۴ i b i a i c ۲ b ۲ a ۲ c ۳ b ۳ a ۳ c ۴ b ۴ a ۴ c ۲ d deployment flowchart cross functional flowchart a b c what it looks like define framework or boundaries of process what level of detail balance macro first concepts get it down right people brainstorm all major activities determine shapes describe process steps verb noun get it right sequence the steps terminology revise and edit variations acknowledge them all—resolve what you can standardize—note exceptions document rules —who authorizes deviations identify pre defined steps test validate use people who were not part of initial team seek out harshest critics capture their variations review then appropriately incorporate ensure correct use of symbols decisions may not be obvious all paths should close loop or terminate a most common gizmo microsoft’s drawing tools drawing tools word power point excel cost most already have m s office suite training minimal tool within an application capability all basic ۲۸ flow charting shapes standardization unified approach portability doc control collaboration interface with other office applications a most common gizmo microsoft’s drawing tools but which application excel vs word attribute excel word advantage drawing canvas unlimited page excel adding text click onshape multiple steps excel editing shapes universal eachshape excel text alignment vertical centering user defines excel shape size width varies fixed word hyper linking cells shapes word tool bugs intuitive fewer quirks shapes shift excel analysis data dynamic static excel m s autoshapes ۲۸ shapes available hover to see meanings set defaults center justify font size ۱ to change autoshapes ۲ ۳ use draw menu ۲ ۷ app specific excel edit shape toolbars how to create view toolbars customize new give it a name click and drag desired icons can modify for specific tasks if needed office ۲ ۳ office ۲ ۳ office ۲ ۷ helpful hints swim lanes column or row wide border by skinny place shapes in wide spaces move text vertically in a cell alt enter can copy shapes cntrl c cut cntrl v paste link to relevant metrics hyperlink to worksheet done via cells not shapes remember to create a return path to process map how to hyperlink done via a cell—not a shape. similar processes work most complex or vanilla first copy worksheet boil off excess or add variations make other revisions deal with those what if situations improving processes basic steps visualize the process identify types numbers impacts of problems identify causes for each develop evaluate solutions look for opportunities to measure what indicates the process is effective or efficient should some parts of the process be examined with a talley sheet pareto chart a run chart use sample or all eliminate does each step add value is there duplication can you eliminate or minimize delays inspections …

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