Sources of Health Insurance (2013)3

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Learning Objectives
● Case #1 : Patient Perspective1
● Health Care Costs
● Case #2
● Case #22
● Case #2
● Sources of Health Insurance (2013)3
● Individual Private Insurance3
● Employment-Based Private Insurance3
● Government-Financed Insurance4
● Medicare Prescription Coverage4
● Government-Financed Insurance5
● The Affordable Care Act of 20106
● Pre-ACA: Who Were the Uninsured?6
● Access to Health Care6
● Does Health Insurance Make a Difference?6,7
● Traditional Methods of Payment
(Health Provider Reimbursement Models)
● New Methods: ACOs
● New Methods: Pay for Performance
● Example of Pay for Performance
● New Methods: Bundled Payment
● Example of a Bundled Payment
● Future Methods: MACRA Legislation
● Future Methods: MACRA (Continued)
● Case #38
● Steps Toward High Value,
Cost-Conscious Care9
● Summary
● Commitment in Your Practice
● References

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

insurance, medicare, ., health, plan, medicaid, part, base, uninsured, private, coverage, pocket,

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

health care costs and payment models fellowship hvc curriculum ۲ ۱۶ ۲ ۱۷ presentation ۲ of ۷ learning objectives define three types of health care costs. describe how traditional payment models promote cost variation and lack of price transparency. calculate out of pocket expenses depending on insurance status type of plan and setting of care. weigh the impact of out of pocket expenses on the ability to adhere to recommendations. describe recent value based payment reforms. case ۱ patient perspective۱ read this brief summary of how a patient balances her need for periodic thyroid biopsies with her out of pocket costs http high costs of important procedures health care costs charges what hospitals and other delivery systems charge is often much higher than reimbursements only uninsured patients are billed charges these are highly variable reimbursement set by medicare and medicaid or negotiated with insurance plans as percentage of charges may drive charge inflation out of pocket hardest number to estimate because it varies based on insurance and geography but this matters most to patients case ۲ a ۶۵ year old man is evaluated in a clinic in lebanon nh for lightheadedness and found to have a systolic murmur and diminished carotid pulses on exam. transthoracic echocardiography is ordered to look for evidence of aortic stenosis. case ۲۲ use the calculator below to estimate the patient’s out of pocket expenses for the echo and compare the results based on the following three insurance variables no insurance medicare private high deductible plan ۵ deductible ۷۵ copay http www.dartmouth billing charges out of pocket estimator.html case ۲ identify a commonly ordered test in your subspecialty and compare out of pocket expenses for that test based on the three insurance variables no insurance medicare private high deductible plan ۵ deductible ۷۵ co pay were you surprised by how much the out of pocket expenses varied based on insurance should this knowledge impact your clinical recommendations if so how should it ۷ sources of health insurance ۲ ۱۳ ۳ medicare and medicaid spending ۳۹ of national health spending ۲۳ of federal budget ۴۳ of hospital revenues employment based ۵۴ medicaid ۱۷ medicare ۱۶ individual private insurance ۱۱ military ۵ uninsured ۱۳ health coverage is not mutually exclusive so it adds up to ۱ . bottom line—most of health insurance is employment based. here discuss uninsured rates peaked at ۱۵.۵ in ۲ ۱ and have been dropping. ۱ in ۳ americans are covered by medicare or medicaid – the spending in this group is higher than the percent covered – why ۱ of the medicare population accounts for ۵۹ of medicare spending. ۸ column۱ employer based private medicare medicaid military uninsured .۵۴ ۸. ۷۱e ۲ .۱۴ ۱ .۱۴ ۱ ۳. ۲۷e ۲ .۱۱ ۴ individual private insurance۳ individual policies involve a person paying a premium directly to a health plan or insurance company which reimburses providers individual policies provided health insurance for approximately ۶ of the u.s. population in ۲ ۱۴ individual private insurance—a third party the insurance plan health plan is added dividing payment into a financing component and a reimbursement component. ۹ employment based private insurance۳ employers often pay all or part of the premium that purchases health insurance for their employees covers approximately ۴۸ of the u.s. population this is a tax deductible business expense and the government does not treat the health insurance fringe benefit as taxable income to the employee therefore the government is in essence subsidizing employer sponsored health insurance this subsidy was estimated at ۲ billion year in ۲ ۶ employers get a direct subsidy for providing health insurance but also enjoy tax free status of their contributions to health insurance benefits. ۱ government financed insurance۴ medicare part a hospital insurance plan for the elderly financed through social security taxes at age ۶۵ years patients who have paid ۱ years into ssi are automatically enrolled those ۶۵ years of age who are totally and permanently disabled may enroll after ۲۴ months of disability those with esrd on hd usually enrolled without wait period medicare part b insures the elderly for physicians’ services financed by federal taxes and monthly premiums from beneficiaries available to those eligible for medicare part a who elect to pay the medicare part b premium of ۱۴۷ month ۲ ۱۵ adjusted upward according to income ۱۱ medicare prescription coverage۴ medicare part d voluntary prescription coverage that is added to original medicare plans have monthly premiums in addition to that paid for part b deductibles vary but may not exceed ۳۶ year ۲ ۱۶ beneficiaries may owe a late enrollment penalty if they are without drug coverage for ۶۳ days medicare advantage plan beneficiaries can enroll in a private health plan to receive medicare covered benefits plans cover medicare parts a and b and usually d one must have medicare parts a and b to sign up there are two ways for medicare beneficiaries to obtain prescription coverage part d and the medicare advantage plan. about one third of medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in the medicare advantage plan. ۱۲ government financed insurance۵ medicaid varies by state federal program administered by the states federal government pays between ۵ and ۷۶ of total medicaid costs requires that a broad set of services be covered including hospital physician laboratory x ray prenatal preventive nursing home and home health services ۱۳ the affordable care act of ۲ ۱ ۶ affordable care act aca obamacare aims to decrease the number of uninsured americans and reduce health care costs through insurance reform expansion of coverage medicaid expansion sets the medicaid minimum income eligibility across the u.s. to ۱۳۸ of the federal poverty level includes district of columbia and ۲۸ states as of march ۲ ۱۵ health insurance exchanges competitive markets with clear information to assist persons in purchasing insurance subsidized for families with income ۴ of the poverty level for the first time low income adults without children are guaranteed coverage without needing a waiver with the aca changes ۵۵ of uninsured non elderly persons are eligible for financial assistance to obtain coverage. early estimates note that the uninsured rate dropped by ۱ percentage point in early ۲ ۱۴. medicaid enrollment has grown ۱۴ . discuss who is still uninsured in ۲ ۱۵ undocumented those who are eligible for medicaid but have not enrolled those without other coverage who still feel that insurance is too expensive but …

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