Folded Plate Roof

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فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Roof Designs
● Types of Roofs
● Roof Design
● Gable Roof
● Hip Roof
● Flat Roof
● Shed Roof
● Mansard Roof
● Dutch Hip Roof
● Gambrel Roof
● Butterfly Roof
● Winged Gable
● A-Frame Roof
● Folded Plate Roof
● Curved Panel Roof
● Mixed Roof Styles
● Frame Roof Construction
● Rafters
● Roof Framing Plan
● Rafters
● Common Rafter
● Roof Terms
● Roof Slope
● Roof Pitches
● Ventilation
Gable Style
● Roof Ventilation Methods
● Flashing
● Chimney Flashing
● Valley Flashing
● Drip Edge Flashing
● Gutters and Downspouts
● Gutter Designs and Sizes
● Ogee-Style Gutter

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

roof, ., flash, design, gable, style, rafter, slope, frame, ventilation, hip,

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

roof designs types of roofs the roof greatly affects the overall appearance of a home. there are many standard styles from which to choose. choose a style that complements the basic design of the house being planned. roof design the roof design and roofing materials have a significant impact on the finished appearance of the residence. gable roof the gable roof is a very popular type of roof. it is easy to build sheds water well provides for ventilation and can be applied to most house designs. hip roof the hip roof is slightly more difficult to build than a gable roof. it is a popular choice but does not provide for ventilation as well as some designs. flat roof a flat roof is the most economical roof to build but it adds little to the design of most houses. it requires a built up or membrane roof covering. shed roof a shed roof is similar to a flat roof but has more pitch. it is frequently used for additions or with other roof styles. mansard roof the mansard roof is a french design and is more difficult to construct than the hip or gable roof. dutch hip roof the dutch hip roof is basically a hip roof with a small gable at either end. the gables can be used for ventilation. gambrel roof the gambrel roof is sometimes called a barn roof because it has been used extensively on barns. it provides additional headroom in the attic. butterfly roof the butterfly roof is not widely used. it provides plenty of light and ventilation but drainage is a problem. winged gable the winged gable is essentially a gable roof extended at the peak. a frame roof the a frame roof provides a roof and walls for the structure. is popular for cottages homes churches and other structures. folded plate roof the folded plate roof has limited use in single family homes. modular prefabricated roof units are available. curved panel roof the curved panel roof is similar to the folded plate roof in style and application. it is available in prefabricated modules. mixed roof styles mixed roof styles frame roof construction several features of traditional frame roof construction should be considered before designing a roof. the roof framing is designed to support the roof covering materials. framing must be strong and rigid. roof framing consists of several distinct structural elements. rafters the rafter is a structural element of the roof that supports the sheathing. common rafters are perpendicular to the wall plate and extend from the ridge. there are several other types of rafters used in typical construction. rafters are often shown on a roof framing plan. roof framing plan roof framing plan with structural members identified. rafters rafters are cut to the proper lengths by locating the ridge seat plumb and tail cuts. the slope of the roof and the clear span of the building determine the layout of these cuts. you must know these terms rise run clear span. common rafter a common rafter with the cuts labeled. roof terms illustration of roof rise run and span. roof slope roof slope is the slant of the roof. shown on a drawing as a slope ratio diagram or fractional pitch. the slope diagram represents the ratio between the rise and run of the roof. the run is always expressed as ۱۲ units. roof pitches several roof pitches slopes used in residential construction. ventilation gable style roof ventilation methods flashing flashing is used to repel water from areas of potential leakage. flashing should be used where the roof contacts a wall chimney roof valley or at any roof penetration. flashing may be metal or ۹ pound roll roofing. proper flashing must be installed. chimney flashing flashing around the chimney is composed of shingle flashing and counterflashing. valley flashing the width of valley flashing is dependent upon the roof slope but should not be less than ۱۲ . drip edge flashing drip edge flashing prevents water from entering behind the shingles and protects the fascia or rake boards. gutters and downspouts gutters collect water from the roof and direct it to a downspout. gutters prevent water from running directly off the eaves and splattering the house. they are sloped about ۱ per ۲ . several styles are available in copper vinyl aluminum and galvanized steel. gutter designs and sizes ogee style gutter …

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