Using the sun to heat water is nothing new…

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Using the sun to heat water is nothing new…
● Where does your electricity come from?
● How a Solar Water Heater Works

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توجه: این مطلب در تاریخ 2019/06/05 07:12:19 به صورت خودکار از فضای وب آشکار توسط موتور جستجوی پاورپوینت جمع آوری شده است و در صورت اعلام عدم رضایت تهیه کننده ی آن، طبق قوانین سایت از روی وب گاه حذف خواهد شد. این مطلب از وب سایت زیر استخراج شده است و مسئولیت انتشار آن با منبع اصلی است.

در صورتی که محتوای فایل ارائه شده با عنوان مطلب سازگار نبود یا مطلب مذکور خلاف قوانین کشور بود لطفا در بخش دیدگاه (در پایین صفحه) به ما اطلاع دهید تا بعد از بررسی در کوتاه ترین زمان نسبت به حدف با اصلاح آن اقدام نماییم. جهت جستجوی پاورپوینت های بیشتر بر روی اینجا کلیک کنید.

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

two types of solar thermal solar heats water photovoltaic generates electricity using the sun to heat water is nothing new… back in the early ۱۹ ’s solar water heaters were common in california and florida. as electricity became available and cheap people started using it to heat their hot water. the solar collector is basically the same as it was back then. where does your electricity come from in the ۱۹۸ ’s ۸۶ of the energy consumed in florida was with oil from the middle east. when the price of oil spiked so did your electric bill. in the ۱۹۹ ’s many florida power plants changed to natural gas to generate electricity. with the deregulation of natural gas prices have increased dramatically. in fact natural gas prices have increased ۱۷۴ since ۲ . that’s not to say a significant portion of electricity generated today still comes from middle eastern oil. today there is more than enough sunshine falling on your roof to provide hot water for even the largest families. a solar water heater is a practical way to get your hot water versus all the effort it takes to extract crude oil from a well in the middle east load and ship it on a tanker across the globe to be burned in an electric power plant to create electricity that is then sent to your home via electric lines to ultimately be used to generate hot water for your household. the chart illustrates electric rates in florida over the past ۳۵ years. there is a noticeable jump in the mid ۷ ’s and in ۱۹۸ with the first and second arab oil embargos. ۱۹۷ was the year us oil production peaked and today we produce ۵ less than we did back then. during that same time frame foreign oil imports have increased a whopping ۲۷ while our fossil fuel consumption has increased ۳۵ . during the late ۱۹۸ ’s and ۱۹۹ ’s the united states enjoyed a period of relatively cheap oil imports however the rising worldwide demand for fossil fuel has caused the price of oil and natural gas to increase dramatically. in ۱۹۷ the price of a barrel of oil was ۴. in ۱۹۸ that same barrel of oil was ۳ and it peaked in ۲ ۵ at ۷ . natural gas prices have increased ۱۷۴ since ۲ . electric rates have increased over ۴ since ۲ . florida power and light was just approved to increase rates another ۱۹ at the beginning of ۲ ۶. hopefully rates will stabilize soon however even with a modest increase of ۳ a year by ۲ ۱ you will be paying ۱۷ more for electricity than you are today. historical electric rates in florida note the energy guide which shows a typical electric water heater uses ۴۳۸ worth of electricity annually. that is based on ۷.۶¢ per kilowatt hour. currently we are paying ۱۲¢ per kilowatt hour which would be ۶۸۸. solar water heaters the world’s most efficient appliance in most cases a solar water heater can provide ۹ ۹۵ of your annual hot water consumption. how a solar water heater works in the morning the sun rises and shines on the solar collector and the photovoltaic panel mounted on your roof. the photovoltaic panel generates electricity to a small dc current pump that circulates water from the bottom of your hot water storage tank through the solar collector on the roof. as the water is pumped through the solar collector it absorbs the sun’s heat and then flows back to the tank. the more intense the sun the faster the pump circulates the water through the solar collector. on average a good day of sun will provide a two day supply of hot water. during periods of extended cloudy weather a back up electric element automatically comes on so you never run out of hot water. this type of system is designed for south and central florida where freezing weather is limited to less than ۱ days per year. if you live in northern florida your aquatherm solar contractor will show you which system best suits your needs. …

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