Ad Hoc Committee on Systems Performance

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● UNOS Update
● Ad Hoc Committee on Systems Performance
● Committee Details & Potential Outcomes
● OPTN/UNOS Governance Structure:
How to Volunteer
Board, Committees, Regions
● Volunteer Opportunities
● OPTN Bylaws
● Governance Volunteer Positions: How to Apply
● OPTN/UNOS Bio Form
● MPSC Lessons Learned
● Constituent Councils
● OPTN Final Rule
● Timeline
● Lung
● Plaintiff’s Argument
● Liver
● New Liver Policy – December 2017
● May 30: Critical Comment to HHS
● June 8: HRSA Request to OPTN
● June 25: OPTN Response to HRSA
● July 31: HRSA Response to OPTN
● Plan for All Organ Systems
● OPTN Next Steps
● Ad Hoc Committee on Geography
● Ad Hoc Committee on Geography
● Geography Principles
● Distribution Frameworks
● Fixed Distance from Donor Hospital
● Mathematically Optimized Boundaries
● Continuous Distribution
● UNOS Update

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

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توجه: این مطلب در تاریخ 2019/06/05 10:55:09 به صورت خودکار از فضای وب آشکار توسط موتور جستجوی پاورپوینت جمع آوری شده است و در صورت اعلام عدم رضایت تهیه کننده ی آن، طبق قوانین سایت از روی وب گاه حذف خواهد شد. این مطلب از وب سایت زیر استخراج شده است و مسئولیت انتشار آن با منبع اصلی است.

در صورتی که محتوای فایل ارائه شده با عنوان مطلب سازگار نبود یا مطلب مذکور خلاف قوانین کشور بود لطفا در بخش دیدگاه (در پایین صفحه) به ما اطلاع دهید تا بعد از بررسی در کوتاه ترین زمان نسبت به حدف با اصلاح آن اقدام نماییم. جهت جستجوی پاورپوینت های بیشتر بر روی اینجا کلیک کنید.

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

unos update ۱ brian shepard ceo unos region ۳ august ۲۴ ۲ ۱۸ ۱ ۲ ۲ mission advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting our communities including transplant and organ donation professionals patients and donor and recipient families for the benefit of patients through education technology and policy development. vision promote long healthy and productive lives for persons with organ failure by promoting maximized organ supply effective and safe care and equitable organ allocation and access to transplantation. values stewardship unity trust excellence accountability optn unos ad hoc committee on systems performance august ۲ ۱۸ march ۲ ۱۹ ۳ ۳ ad hoc committee on systems performance ۴ objective identify and prioritize new and existing tools and strategies that allow the optn transplant hospitals and opos to drive improved system performance and collaborative improvement. systems performance committee diane brockmeier matt cooper systems dynamics work group jeff orlowski stuart sweet opo work group susan gunderson tom pearson transplant program work group lisa stocks alan reed ۵۵ community members three work groups ۲ co chairs per work group ۱ transplant md ۱ opo work groups will meet monthly august march october in person public meeting in march in chicago date tbd committee details potential outcomes ۵ ۵ mpsc monitoring enhancements recommendations to external stakeholders collaborative improvement project ideas suggested new research tools optn unos governance structure how to volunteer board committees regions ۶ we’ve had a number of questions lately about how to be considered for a board committee or regional volunteer position this is a brief high level overview of the process – if you have follow up questions or want to know more about a particular position i encourage you to reach out to unos staff to discuss the details ۶ volunteer opportunities ۷ we work hard to ensure our volunteer perspectives come from a variety of professional disciplines personal experience and expertise in organ transplantation and the community we serve the overall composition of the committees and board must reflect diversity in perspectives as well as race ethnicity and gender—plus specific committee needs for specialized expertise volunteering in the governance structure is not for everyone takes commitment deep experience and not everyone can be on a committee…there’s a limited number of positions available so while there are ۳۵ total seats only approximately ۱۱ open each year and we have strict criteria for filling those seats… ۷ ۸ optn bylaws board and committee composition is governed in part by the final rule and our own optn bylaws and we must reflect the diversity of the community we serve – not only ethnicity and gender which are important but different areas of practice different professions within the field of transplant and different sizes of transplant programs and opos in order to ensure we’re compliant with the final rule and bylaws requirements we conduct an annual board and committees needs assessment prior to doing a call for nominations the process is somewhat different for committee regional and board openings. but in each case we’re intentional about seeing what the needs are and searching for motivated experienced candidates to meet those needs. ۸ governance volunteer positions how to apply ۹ again this is a high level overview of the process for volunteering for the board committees and regions. the key takeaway here is that the optn unos bio form is the key to serving on the committee selections are based on needs of committee and the organization for diversity in perspectives and subject specific expertise the optn unos president elect ultimately reviews and approves all incoming committee members the call for nominations for the ۲ ۱۹ ۲ ۲ term is in your booklets so please review that for all relevant details including submission deadlines ۹ update your form annually to be considered for governance volunteer positions http members get involved optn unos bio form ۱ the form is accepted on a rolling basis year round but you must submit one by the deadlines above to be considered within the upcoming cycle be sure to update your biography form annually to show your continued interest each committee with openings will review biography forms and make recommendations keeping your form updated will also ensure your name is available to unos staff in the event a vacancy needs to be filled mid cycle due to resignations or moves we also encourage professionals to refer recipients donors and donor families to this form if you think they’d be well suited for committee service ۱ mpsc lessons learned ۱۱ ۱۲ mpsc lessons learned reporting late breaking donor test results ۱۵.۴.a pdf in unos connect reporting patient safety events disease transmission and labelling ۱۵.۴.a ۱۶.۳.c ۱۶.۳.f ۱۶.۵ ۱۶.۶.a learning series in unos connect phs and disease transmission living donation evaluating donors reporting living donor events ۱۴.۴.a ۱۸.۶ reference card distributed at living donor conference how to avoid the most common living donor policy violations abo verification ۵.۸.b unos connect education on new abo verification policy dcd protocols ۲.۱۵.b transplant pro article opo site survey process evolving and improving constituent council proof of concept summer fall ۲ ۱۸ update ۱۳ our last update today is a high level overview of where we are with the constituent council proof of ۱۳ public comment don’t eliminate the committees but expand the communications connectivity tools limited proof of concept ۲ committees pac tcc testing structure tools july ۱ december ۳ evaluate and recommend future proofs of concept constituent councils ۱۴ in the spring we let you know we would be launching this project with two committees – pac and tcc – and you’ll hear more from actual participants later on today. we are testing a modified committee structure by linking pac and tcc reps on standing committees with these home committees in an effort to enable peer to peer dialogue and to amplify these perspectives within our governance structure this phase of the project will conclude …

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