Tornado (a.k.a twister, cyclone)

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Weather by Brainpop
● Weather
● Climate
● Climate Types by Brainpop
● What Factors Affect Weather & Climate?
● How Does the Sun Affect Weather?
● The Water Cycle
● Parts of the Cycle
● Precipitation
● The Water Cycle
● The Water Cycle by Brainpop
● How does the atmosphere affect weather?
● Air Masses
● Fronts
● How does Air Pressure affect weather?
● Winds = created from differences in air pressure
● Global Winds
● Winds by Brainpop
● Relative Humidity
● Dew Point
● Humidity by Brainpop
● Rainbows
● How does the Ocean affect weather?
● Thunderstorms
● Safety Rules
● Lightning Storm
● Types of Lightning
● Safety rules for lightning storms
● Tornado (a.k.a twister, cyclone)
● Safety Rules
● Tropical Cyclone
● Characteristics
● Safety Rules

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

., air, weather, water, atmosphere, wind, cycle, humidity, layer, brainpop, pressure, temperature,

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

intro to weather clip weather by brainpop ۱ what cycle is the basis of our weather ۲ what causes precipitation to occur ۳ where do storms usually occur weather temporary behavior of atmosphere what’s going on at any certain time small geographic area can change rapidly weather the study of weather is meteorology someone who studies weather is called a meteorologist climate long term behavior of atmosphere ۱ years large geographic area very slow to change polar ۹ o ۶ o latitude cool summers cold year round dry temperate ۶ o ۳ o latitude true seasons variety of climate patterns moderate precipitation rain snow tropical ۳ o equator no winter warm year round high temp rainfall humidity climate types by brainpop .what is climate .where are tropical climates most likely to be .what does arid mean what factors affect weather climate the sun the water cycle the atmosphere the ocean how does the sun affect weather it warms the atmosphere oceans it creates climate zones it keeps the water cycle going it affects weather patterns the water cycle all the water on the planet is recycled in this manner parts of the cycle evaporation—water going from a liquid to a gas gains energy from the sun parts of the cycle transpiration—evaporation of water from out of plants. locate this on the diagram transpiration parts of the cycle condensation—water going from a gas to a liquid cools or loses energy when this happens in the atmosphere clouds form. clouds by brainpop parts of the cycle precipitation—when water falls out the atmosphere. forms when the water droplets in clouds become too heavy to stay up. precipitation liquid water rain frozen water snow or sleet or hail rain clip the water cycle water cycle by brainpop water cycle advanced by brainpop the water cycle by brainpop what process must happen for clouds to form what is collection name one way to conserve water. how does the atmosphere affect weather the atmosphere is a mixture of gases that surrounds the earth has five different layers each has different properties we’ll label them in just a minute… air temperature and pressure change with altitude weather occurs in the layer closest to earth troposphere troposphere stratosphere mesosphere ionosphere exosphere thermosphere write in the labels ozone layer exosphere the outermost layer of the earth s atmosphere where atmospheric pressure and temperature are low. ionosphere the atmospheric layer between the mesosphere and the exosphere it is part of the thermosphere. mesosphere the atmospheric layer between the stratosphere and the ionosphere. stratosphere the atmospheric layer between the troposphere and the mesosphere. the stratosphere is characterized by a slight temperature increase with altitude and by the absence of clouds. thermosphere the layer of the atmosphere located above part of the ionosphere starting at the coldest part of the atmosphere and below outer space it consists of the exosphere and part of the ionosphere. troposphere the lowest layer of the earth s atmosphere. the weather and clouds occur in the troposphere. earth’s atmsophere by brainpop . what is ozone . what layer of the atmosphere does weather occur in . what ۲ gases compose the most of earth’s atmosphere air masses body of air with a certain temperature and moisture level can be warm or cold can contain a lot of moisture or not a lot of moisture fronts places where air masses meet ۴ types warm cold occluded stationary each kind can bring different kinds of weather occluded front stationary front science saurus ۲۲۱ ۲۲۲ reading a weather map worksheet how does air pressure affect weather how much the earth’s atmosphere is pressing down on us measured with a barometer if it changes then new weather is on the way falling air pressure stormy weather coming rising air pressure fair weather coming steady air pressure no change is coming pressure systems winds created from differences in air pressure moves from areas of high to low pressure greater the difference in pressure the faster the wind blows measured with wind vanes and anemometers or you can estimate with the beaufort wind scale sciencesaurus ۲۲۴ ۲۲۵ beaufort wind scale global winds thousands of kilometers long can cause weather to move in different directions jet stream prevailing westerlies doldrums horse latitudes trade winds big winds blowin’ worksheet science saurus section ۲۱۷ global winds caused by the temperature difference in different regions hot tropical regions—causes air to rise cold polar regions—causes air to sink global winds also affected by earth’s spin coriolis effect causes winds to curve to the right in the n. hemisphere to the left in the s. hemisphere big winds blowin’ worksheet winds by brainpop . what does warm air do . what do you call winds that blow all the time in the same part of the world . what are jet streams relative humidity measure of the amount of moisture in the air compared to what the air could hold how full of water the air is expressed as ۱ relative humidity saturated air relative humidity test applet http itg۱ wxwise relhum rhac.html relative humidity controlled by temperature ۱. warm air holds more moisture than cool air more space for water vapor between air molecules ۲. as air warms relative humidity decreases ۳. as air cools relative humidity increases dew point temperature at which the air is saturated ۱ relative humidity several events can occur when the dew point temp. is reached ۱. if dew point temp. is above freezing a. water vapor condenses as liquid b. dew will form on surfaces dew point c. cloud droplets will form in air ۲. if dew point temp. is below freezing a. water vapor condenses as a solid b. frost on surfaces c. snow or hail in the air humidity by brainpop . what single factor controls humidity . what temperature air can hold the most water molecules . what causes water to evaporate into the atmosphere rainbows caused by sunshine on raindrops white light all colors is refracted bent into colors as it enters and exits the drop to see a rainbow you must have the sun behind you and raindrops in the air diagram rainbow by brainpop how does the ocean affect weather ocean currents affect the temperature of the land they pass by cold ocean currents …

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