Smart Product Modeling

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Smart Product Modeling:
Dealing with the Issues
of System Complexity
● Smart Product Modeling
● Manufacturing Life Cycle
● SPM and Life Cycle Reduction
● Organization of Knowledge
● The Causality of the Model Equations
● Basic Requirements of OO Modeling
● Example of a Topological Description
● Graphical Information (Annotation)
● Models in Modelica
● Model Structure in Modelica
● Model Topology in Modelica
● Resistors in Modelica
● Similarity Between Different Elements
● Partial Models and Inheritance
● Decomposition and Abstraction
● Heterogeneous Modeling Formalisms
● Mechanical Connectors
● Mechanical Bodies I
● Mechanical Bodies II
● Mechanical Bodies III
● Mechanical Bodies IV
● Mechanical Bodies V
● An Example I
● An Example II
● An Example III
● An Example IV
● An Example V
● Multi-body Systems
● Properties of OO Modeling Environment
● Passive Solar Space Heating
● Top-level Model
● Living Room Model
● The Interior Wall
● The Window
● The Solar Position
● The Solar-House Package
● Simulation Results
● Knowledge Abstraction
● The Hemodynamic System
● The Hemodynamic System II
● The Hemodynamic System III
● The Heart
● The Thorax
● Summary

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

model, ., connect, annotation, presentation, start, description, modeling, extent, object, u, color,

توجه: این مطلب در تاریخ 2019/06/07 07:44:49 به صورت خودکار از فضای وب آشکار توسط موتور جستجوی پاورپوینت جمع آوری شده است و در صورت اعلام عدم رضایت تهیه کننده ی آن، طبق قوانین سایت از روی وب گاه حذف خواهد شد. این مطلب از وب سایت زیر استخراج شده است و مسئولیت انتشار آن با منبع اصلی است.

در صورتی که محتوای فایل ارائه شده با عنوان مطلب سازگار نبود یا مطلب مذکور خلاف قوانین کشور بود لطفا در بخش دیدگاه (در پایین صفحه) به ما اطلاع دهید تا بعد از بررسی در کوتاه ترین زمان نسبت به حدف با اصلاح آن اقدام نماییم. جهت جستجوی پاورپوینت های بیشتر بر روی اینجا کلیک کنید.

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

start of presentation smart product modeling dealing with the issues of system complexity françois e. cellier ph.d. professor and director of undergraduate studies department of electrical computer engineering university of arizona start of presentation smart product modeling smart product modeling spm is a term that has been coined to denote modeling support for the design and development of complex systems. it is often used in the context of rapid prototyping of alternate system designs. in spm models of alternate system components become interchangeable in ways that resemble physical system components. start of presentation manufacturing life cycle in car manufacturing the development life cycle of a new model is now two years. in the first year the features of the new model are designed whereas in the second year the production of the new model is being designed. many of the components of a car are prefabricated and they are often outsourced. your new all american car may feature a german engine and a japanese transmission. design alternatives must be chosen before even a real prototype of the new model has been produced. start of presentation spm and life cycle reduction complex systems can only be designed in a short time and with limited resources if many design decisions can be made on the basis of simulation models alone. components are supposed to be delivered together with simulation models describing them. the object oriented modeling of physical systems provides a means to accomplish that goal. start of presentation organization of knowledge let us consider the example of an electrical resistor the object oriented modeling paradigm stores the four items characterizing an object in a single place. these are the taxonomy naming and organization the iconic representation for graphical modeling the detailed mathematical description either in the form of equations or in the form of a topology and the lexical information a verbal description . start of presentation the causality of the model equations start of presentation basic requirements of oo modeling physical objects should be representable by mathematical graphical objects. the graphical objects should be topologically connectable. the mathematical models should be hierarchically describable. to this end it must be possible to represent networks of coupled objects again as graphical objects. start of presentation example of a topological description model circuit۱ sinevoltage u v ۱ freqhz ۲۵ resistor r۱ r ۱ resistor r۲ r ۲ capacitor c c ۱e ۶ inductor l l . ۱۵ ground ground equation connect u .p r۱.p connect r۱.n c.p connect r۲.p r۱.n connect u .n c.n connect ground.p c.n connect l.p r۱.p connect l۱.n ground.p connect r۲.n l.n end circuit۱  start of presentation graphical information annotation package circuitlib annotation coordsys extent ۵ ۴ ۳۶۴ grid ۲ ۲ component ۲ ۲ model circuit۱ annotation coordsys extent ۱ ۱ ۱ ۱ grid ۲ ۲ component ۲ ۲ modelica.electrical.analog.sources.sinevoltage u v ۱ freqhz ۲۵ annotation extent ۸ ۲ ۴ ۲ rotation ۹ modelica.electrical.analog.basic.resistor r۱ r ۱ annotation extent ۴ ۲ ۶ rotation ۹ modelica.electrical.analog.basic.capacitor c c ۱e ۶ annotation extent ۴ ۶ ۲ rotation ۹ modelica.electrical.analog.basic.resistor r۲ r ۲ annotation extent ۲ ۴ ۲ modelica.electrical.analog.basic.inductor l l . ۱۵ annotation extent ۴ ۲ ۸ ۶ rotation ۹ modelica.electrical.analog.basic.ground ground annotation extent ۱ ۴ ۶ equation connect u .p r۱.p annotation points ۶ ۲ ۶ ۶ ۲ ۶ style color ۳ connect r۱.n c.p annotation points ۲ ۲ ۲ ۲ style color ۳ connect r۲.p r۱.n annotation points ۲ ۲ ۲ style color ۳ connect u .n c.n annotation points ۶ ۲ ۶ ۶ ۲ ۶ style color ۳ connect ground.p c.n annotation points ۲ ۶ ۲ ۶ style color ۳ connect l.p r۱.p annotation points ۶ ۶ ۲ ۶ style color ۳ connect l.n ground.p annotation points ۶ ۲ ۶ ۶ ۲ ۶ style color ۳ connect r۲.n l.n annotation points ۴ ۶ ۶ ۲ style color ۳ end circuit۱ end circuitlib start of presentation models in modelica models in modelica consist of a description of their model structure as well as a description of their embedding in the model environment model model name description of the model embedding equations description of the model structure end model name start of presentation model structure in modelica the model structure in modelica consists either of a set of equations a description of the model topology or a combination of the two types of model structure descriptions. a topological model description is usually done by dragging and dropping model icons from graphical model libraries into the modeling window. these models are then graphically interconnected among each other. the stored textual version of the topological model consists of a declaration of its sub models model embedding a declaration of its connections model structure as well as a declaration of the graphical description elements annotation . start of presentation model topology in modelica model motordrive pi controller motor motor gearbox gearbox n ۱ shaft jl j ۱ tachometer wl equation connect controller.out motor.inp connect motor.flange gearbox.a connect gearbox.b jl.a connect jl.b wl.a connect wl.w controller.inp end motordrive start of presentation resistors in modelica model resistor ideal resistor pin p n voltage u parameter resistance r equation u p.v n.v p.i …

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