Being the Parent of a Child with a Learning Disability

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● Trends
● Types of Learning Disabilities
● Leonardo da Vinci
● Napoleon Bonaparte
● Albert Einstein
● Thomas Edison
● Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
● Dyscalculia
● Cher
● Dysgraphia
● Agatha Christie
● Dyslexia
● Alexander Graham Bell
● Richard Branson
● Erin Brockovich
● Tom Cruise
● Language Processing Disorder
● Suzanne Somers
● Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities
● Visual Perceptual /
Visual Motor Deficit
● Will Smith
● Robin Williams
● And many, more!
● Dyspraxia
● Executive Functioning
● Memory
● Being the Parent of a Child with a Learning Disability
● Learning Disabilities Affect Every Area of Life
● General Challenges for
Kids with LD
● Being the Parent of a Child with a Learning Disability
● You need to be a COACH!
● Home
● School
● Social/Community
● Overall Strategies
● Resources

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

., disability, learn, dyslexia, disorder, affect, language, ‘s, ld, school, sound, poor,

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get a life how to create balance for your child with learning disabilities family school social and community trends ۲ ۳ of students identified with ld are male. ld is the largest category of children receiving special education services ۲.۴ million american public school students identified with ld under idea ۷ ۱ individuals link learning disabilities with intellectual disabilities ۴.۶ million or ۱.۷ americans have a learning disability trends ۵۵ of people mistakenly believe that ld are often the product of a home environment ۵۱ of people think that what people call ld are the result of laziness ۵۴ of students with ld plan to attend a ۲ year or ۴ year college ۲۸ of parents think that their child will attend postsecondary school. parental expectations are found to be directly related to post high school outcomes types of learning disabilities auditory processing disorder apd dyscalculia dysgraphia dyslexia language processing disorder lpd non verbal learning disabilities nvld visual perceptual visual motor deficit adhd dyspraxia executive functioning memory leonardo da vinci da vinci was a perfectionist who may have had asperger’s as he had savant like skills and an enormous single minded dedication to art and science. asperger’s napoleon bonaparte napoleon’s hypersensitivity to touch and his military strategic genius are two of the many symptoms that have led some modern scholars to suggest that he was a high functioning autistic. autism albert einstein einstein’s parents once thought that he was mentally retarded due to his odd habits and difficulties in school. if he were born today einstein would probably be diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome a mild form of autism. asperger’s thomas edison edison is believed to have had dyslexia and possibly adhd. edison was home schooled. he developed a voracious appetite for reading and made major scientific breakthroughs with his unusual methodology. dyslexia adhd auditory processing disorder apd also known as central auditory processing disorder this is a condition that adversely affects how sound that travels unimpeded through the ear is processed or interpreted by the brain. individuals with apd do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words even when the sounds are loud and clear enough to be heard. they can also find it difficult to tell where sounds are coming from to make sense of the order of sounds or to block out competing background noises. dyscalculia a specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. individuals with this type of ld may also have poor comprehension of math symbols may struggle with memorizing and organizing numbers have difficulty telling time or have trouble with counting. cher cher is one of the most iconic performers singers and actresses in the world. she has a form of dyslexia that makes it difficult to remember numbers or to perform basic mathematics. dyscalculia dysgraphia a specific learning disability that affects a person’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills. problems may include illegible handwriting inconsistent spacing poor spatial planning on paper poor spelling and difficulty composing writing as well as thinking and writing at the same time. agatha christie christie was the most famous mystery novelist of her time. christie had dysgraphia a learning disability that affected her ability to understand written words. dysgraphia dyslexia a specific learning disability that affects reading and related language based processing skills. the severity can differ in each individual but can affect reading fluency decoding reading comprehension recall writing spelling and sometimes speech and can exist along with other related disorders. dyslexia is sometimes referred to as a language based learning disabilities. alexander graham bell bell invented the telephone but struggled with traditional schooling. it’s believed that he had some form of learning disability possibly dyslexia. dyslexia richard branson a billionaire businessman branson credits his business intuition and unique perspectives to his early struggles with dyslexia which affects the way he visualizes words. dyslexia erin brockovich brockovich is a former legal clerk whose success in building a case against illegal groundwater contamination led to a major motion picture starring julia roberts. brockovich is dyslexic. dyslexia tom cruise cruise is among the most recognizable actors in the world. he has dyslexia and has spoken publicly about his disability. dyslexia language processing disorder a specific type of auditory processing disorder apd in which there is difficulty attaching meaning to sound groups that form words sentences and stories. while an apd affects the interpretation of all sounds coming into the brain a language processing disorder lpd relates only to the processing of language. lpd can affect expressive language and or receptive language. suzanne somers somers had a learning disability which led to poor performance in school and an inability to understand written language. she’s most famous for her role on the sitcom three’s company . lpd non verbal learning disabilities a disorder which is usually characterized by a significant discrepancy between higher verbal skills and weaker motor visual spatial and social skills. typically an individual with nld or nvld has trouble interpreting nonverbal cues like facial expressions or body language and may have poor coordination. visual perceptual visual motor deficit a disorder that affects the understanding of information that a person sees or the ability to draw or copy. a characteristic seen in people with learning disabilities such as dysgraphia or non verbal ld it can result in missing subtle differences in shapes or printed letters losing place frequently struggles with cutting holding pencil too tightly or poor eye hand coordination. adhd a disorder that includes difficulty staying focused and paying attention difficulty controlling behavior and hyperactivity. although adhd is not considered a learning disability research indicates that from ۳ ۵ percent of children with adhd also have a specific learning disability and that the two conditions can interact to make learning extremely challenging. will smith the fresh prince has done it all in his illustrious career — from rapping to acting he never settled for one lane and this is a direct …

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