Transfer Best Practices

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Transfer Best Practices
● The Sea of Research
● Prioritizing Transfers
● Pathways
● Transfer Advisement
● More Jenkins & Fink (2016)
● Transfer Best Practices Survey
● Total Colleges: 25
● College options and recruitment (2-yr. college)
● Transferring credits
● Transitioning
● Transfer experience
● Other
● Did you host any special events for the 2017 Transfer Student Week?
● Transfer Student Week 2018
● Transfer Week at St. John Fisher College
● Transfer Week at Mohowk CC
● Transfer Week at SUNY Binghamton
● Transfer Week at SUNY Oswego
● Professional Resources/ Organizations
● Transfer Organizations

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

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در صورتی که محتوای فایل ارائه شده با عنوان مطلب سازگار نبود یا مطلب مذکور خلاف قوانین کشور بود لطفا در بخش دیدگاه (در پایین صفحه) به ما اطلاع دهید تا بعد از بررسی در کوتاه ترین زمان نسبت به حدف با اصلاح آن اقدام نماییم. جهت جستجوی پاورپوینت های بیشتر بر روی اینجا کلیک کنید.

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

transfer best practices nystaa conference may ۲ ۱۸ corie kohlbach and roza makhmudova co chairs of research and retention committee ۱ transfer best practices how to use them where to find them how to make them your own welcome thanks for joining us for the first session of this amazing conference. i hope we can get things started off right. today we just want to open up the conversation about transfer best practices. how to use them where to find them how to make them your own at our own individual campuses. to start any good research you have to look into the literature. what has been done before and what were the results. prior to transfer specific research higher education looked into the general scope of student success. currently the trends in higher education are to putting more emphasis on transfers. the national student clearinghouse shows that ۳۷.۲ of college students will transfer at one point in their college careers. ۲ the sea of research community college research center aspen institute national student clearinghouse deane jenkins fink ۲ ۱۶ prioritizing transfers clear pathways transfer advisement ۲ ۱۶ the community college research center partnered with the aspen institute and the national student clearinghouse to outline strategies and practices needed for transfer students. this is what they came up with prioritizing transfers which is why we all have representation here at this conference. creating clear pathways for curriculum articulation agreements and such providing specific transferring advisement ۳ prioritizing transfers are you a transfer friendly school what resources does your campus have for transfers is it different for ۲ year and ۴ year prioritizing transfers evaluating your campus culture. are you transfer friendly what does that even mean of course we’re friendly what resources does your campus put forth towards the transfer population of course this looks very different at a ۲ year school then what it does for a ۴ year school. but non the less important. ۴ pathways articulation agreements program to program general agreements ۲ ۲ agreements dual enrollments transfer guides passports etc… pathways articulation agreements are they clear are they up to date are they accessible and once again who on your campus is handles these agreements so what are articulation agreements i’ve found that just the name can be confusing. i’ve heard program to program agreements general agreements ۲ ۲ agreements and more specific is a dual enrollment agreement. then we have transfer guides charts galore passports and whatever other creative name that is out there. but the question is still the same a best practice and strategy for transfers is to have these pathways clear concise and up to date. ۵ transfer advisement who does this what should it contain ۴ year ۲ year clear communication transfer advisement who does this is it the ۴ year institutions responsibility or the ۲ year where do the majority of students get their information from i’m going to say it self advisement are they doing it themselves interpreting the process and doing it themselves deane jenkins fink ۲ ۱۶ all point to a joint effort. the ۲ year is responsible for laying out the options continuing to monitor student progress and advise on resources to help students reach their goals. the ۴ year is also responsible for resources to help the student clear communication prior to transferring and fair funding allocations. meaning they have equal scholarships for transfers. i just want to touch on the clear communication part for a minute. this is near and dear to my heart because this is exactly what i do for suny oswego. i’ve found it very challenging to communicate exactly what students have to do before transferring while transferring and even after they transfer. we post it on the website send emails make follow up calls but it just doesn’t seem to reach all of them. it’s a tough game out there and the students themselves play a huge role in this process. so the overall capture of this particular study is to prioritize transfers have clear pathways for them and give the good advise. ۶ more jenkins fink ۲ ۱۶ impacts on transfer success institutional policy reporting state policy degree completion socioeconomic status jenkins and fink also in ۲ ۱۶ did additional work on the impact of transfer success. they focused on the lack of tracking on transfer students and what it means for institutional policy. basically ۲ year schools are reporting to ipeds integrated postsecondary education data system the number of students transferring to a ۴ year but the ۴ year schools is not required to report the number of transfer that complete their degree. huge disconnect here it puts the onus on the individual school and up to the administration powers that be. the main impacts of this research and the impacts directly on transfer populations is how institutional policy is written how is flows with the state policies the degree completion at the ۲ year school and of course the student’s socioeconomic status also plays a role in the impact of transfer success. so if i’ve confused you enough with the web of research out there on transfers i think the most important piece is how we all define transfer best practices and how we incorporate it in our institutions. we could read the studies all day long and interpret but until we see it work with our campuses it’s hard to truly understand the impact. on to the next section of our discussion which is what we actually do ۷ transfer best practices survey data collected over ۲ ۱۶ ۲ ۱۷ and ۲ ۱۷ ۲ ۱۸ academic years. google docs was used. incentive ۵ gift card raffle entry. questions institution name college type contact information did you host any special events for the ۲ ۱۷ transfer student week description of transfer student week events other best practices for transfer students on …

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