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فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Linux Priv Esc
● Windows Priv Esc
● Google(“Windows Privilege Escalation”)
● Useful Windows Priv Esc
● Clear Text Credentials
● BASE64(Credentials)
● More Easy Passwords
● Passwords In Registry
● GUI Attacks
● Shatter Attacks
● Directory Permissions
● When Installers Go Wild
● Default Permissions
● File Permissions
● Quick Discovery
● Enumerate Auto Runs
● Trojaning Autorun
● Application DLL Searching
● Tasks And Jobs
● Services
● Other Permission Issues
● Token Impersonation
● ImpersonateNamedPipe
● Admin -> Domain Account
● In Summary

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

there are big differences between local priv esc on linux vs windows. while they both share the standard amount of vulnerabilities in our experience we are more likely to come across a fully patched windows server than an up to date linux box. we did several linux host reviews or pen tests that turned into host access only to find out that the newly deployed servers were still lacking patches. one organisations standard build was only running at a ۲ ۱ patch level. .. standard build the patch timeframes that we see on windows servers however are much smaller which makes privilege escalation in windows land a more challenging task. linux priv esc taviso ld preload suid binaries race condition symlink crappy perl python script bad permissions priv esc on linux is something that is ‘fairly’ common. even if you don’t have a ‘tavis in a box’ or find that the server is patched fully there are usually other easily accessible avenues. looking for can usually find a suid bin and pop that through some common ways such as polluted parameters or environment settings. if neither of those methods pan out can always fall back to a symlink or race condition type attack. and sometimes more likely is the badly coded admin management scripts that run with higher privs. nothing like using an admins own tools to own a box. if you look at any ‘commercial grade’ box that sits in a large organisation you will usually find a bunch of potential targets including things like what i just mentioend as well as world readable writeable files etc windows priv esc taviso kitrap d latest win۳۲k.sys font bug metasploit getsystem no suid no env passing so what do we get in windows land. again you can find yourself a tavis or wait for the next stuxnet release to be found. there are plenty of kernel parsing font bugs coming out at the moment. which results in priv esc on an unpatched system being pretty straightforward as long as you have the exploit. if metasploit is your thing then one command will pop you a privileged shell however on a fully patched box you won’t be finding any suid binaries and the environment ‘usually’ doesn’t get passed through to any services or high privilege processes. so where does this leave us google windows privilege escalation how do you escalate your privileges the process is quite simple actually you need to get the system account to run a program that you can interact with. this is where the at command comes into play. the at command schedules a task as a specific time unlike the schtasks command which runs a job under the account that scheduled it the at command runs it as system . open a command prompt and type at ۱۳ ۱ interactive cmd ha ha lame ۱۱۱ must be in the administrators group windows pric esc has always been one of interest to me its usually the ۲nd stage of a compromise and in our business domain admin access to a network provides for a pretty good report. googling for windows priv esc however sometimes turns up a new vulnerable driver ioctl exploit but in most of the hits it is posts like this one. ok so yes it is privileged escalatio from administrator to system but come on … if i went to a linux hacker said hey as root i can run a binary that runs as … root i pretty sure the penguin would say something like that. so is this really all we got for windows you can priv esc from admin to system. google windows privilege escalation @echo off @break off title root cls echo creating service. sc create evil binpath cmd.exe k start type own type interact nul ۲ ۱ echo starting service. sc start evil nul ۲ ۱ echo standing by … ping ۱۲۷. . .۱ n ۴ nul ۲ ۱ echo removing service. echo. sc delete evil nul ۲ ۱ your priv esc fu is weak must be in the administrators group here’s another example of the type of ‘native’ priv esc exploits we see for windows. this one’s even wrapped up in a batch file with comments. but again and again its escalating from an already privileged account. stickykeys replace c windows system۳۲ sethc.exe logout hit shift a bunch c program.exe exploits apps that don’t wrap c program files fubar c program.exe not since windows ۲ google windows privilege escalation and some more examples of how you do priv esc in the windows world. replacing a binary in the system۳۲ directory to achieve privilege escalation that s not going to work from an unprivileged account. however saying that i did use that technique recently to log into a box that i had forgotten the creds for but i had physical access and that always wins. an advisory got published this year for an application that didn’t wrap the command line in quotes. and it went as far as saying that by default it is not possible for an unpriveleged users to write to the root of c and create the program.exe binary. but if the permissions had been messed up then it would be exploitable. thats a pretty big if. explain some useful methods citrix rdp kiosk environments local workstations vdi’s etc post exploitation escalating privileges user higher user network service localsystem admin domain admin useful windows priv esc so the aim of this talk is to discuss some windows priv esc techniques that we have used in the past and perhaps trigger something that will make you go away and come up with some new methods for the future. there are no days vulnerabilities released here in fact there is no memory corruption occurring at all. its just stock standard these are the things to look for that may be helpful when you have that user shell in a citrix envinroment or want to take over that workstation …

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