Program Linking Example

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Loaders and Linkers
● Introduction
● Overview of Chapter 3
● Assemble-and-go Loader
● Design of an Absolute Loader
● Fig. 3.2 Algorithm for an absolute loader
● Object Code Representation
● A Simple Bootstrap Loader
● Fig. 3.3 SIC Bootstrap Loader Logic
● Relocating Loaders
● Modification Record
● Relocation Bit
● Program Linking
● Program Linking Example
● Program Logic and Data Structure
● Pass 1 Program Logic
● Pass 2 Program Logic
● Improve Efficiency
● Figure 3.12
● Machine-Independent Loader Features
● Automatic Library Search
● Loader Options
● Loader Design Options
● Linkage Editors
● Dynamic Linking
● Bootstrap Loaders

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

program, loader, address, external, record, symbol, library, object, relocation, local, link, lista, load,

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عبارات پرتکرار و مهم در این اسلاید عبارتند از: program, loader, address, external, record, symbol, library, object, relocation, local, link, lista, load,

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

loaders and linkers chapter ۳ system software an introduction to systems programming leland l. beck introduction to execute an object program we needs relocation which modifies the object program so that it can be loaded at an address different from the location originally specified linking which combines two or more separate object programs and supplies the information needed to allow references between them section ۲.۲.۲ loading and allocation which allocates memory location and brings the object program into memory for execution section ۲.۳.۵ overview of chapter ۳ type of loaders assemble and go loader absolute loader bootstrap loader relocating loader relative loader direct linking loader design options linkage editors dynamic linking bootstrap loaders assemble and go loader characteristic the object code is stored in memory after assembly single jump instruction advantage simple developing environment disadvantage whenever the assembly program is to be executed it has to be assembled again programs have to be coded in the same language design of an absolute loader absolute loader advantage simple and efficient disadvantage the need for programmer to specify the actual address difficult to use subroutine libraries program logic next slice fig. ۳.۲ algorithm for an absolute loader begin read header record verify program name and length read first text record while record type is not ‘e’ do begin if object code is in character form convert into internal representation move object code to specified location in memory read next object program record end jump to address specified in end record end object code representation figure ۳.۱ a each byte of assembled code is given using its hexadecimal representation in character form easy to read by human beings in general each byte of object code is stored as a single byte most machine store object programs in a binary form we must be sure that our file and device conventions do not cause some of the program bytes to be interpreted as control characters a simple bootstrap loader bootstrap loader when a computer is first tuned on or restarted a special type of absolute loader called bootstrap loader is executed this bootstrap loads the first program to be run by the computer usually an operating system example sic bootstrap loader the bootstrap itself begins at address it loads the os starting address x۸ no header record or control information the object code is consecutive bytes of memory fig. ۳.۳ sic bootstrap loader logic begin x x۸ the address of the next memory location to be loaded loop agetc and convert it from the ascii character code to the value of the hexadecimal digit save the value in the high order ۴ bits of s agetc combine the value to form one byte a a s store the value in a to the address in register x xx ۱ end ~۹ ۴۸ a~f ۶۵ getc aread one character if a x ۴ then jump to x۸ if a ۴۸ then getc a  a ۴۸ x۳ if a ۱ then return a  a ۷ ۴۸ ۷ ۵۵ return relocating loaders motivation efficient sharing of the machine with larger memory and when several independent programs are to be run together support the use of subroutine libraries efficiently two methods for specifying relocation modification record fig. ۳.۴ ۳.۵ relocation bit fig. ۳.۶ ۳.۷ each instruction is associated with one relocation bit these relocation bits in a text record is gathered into bit masks modification record for complex machines also called rld specification relocation and linkage directory modification record col ۱ m col ۲ ۷ relocation address col ۸ ۹ length halfbyte col ۱ flag col ۱۱ ۱۷ segment name relocation bit for simple machines relocation bit no modification is necessary ۱ modification is needed twelve bit mask is used in each text record since each text record contains less than ۱۲ words unused words are set to any value that is to be modified during relocation must coincide with one of these ۳ byte segments e.g. line ۲۱ text record col ۱ t col ۲ ۷ starting address col ۸ ۹ length byte col ۱ ۱۲ relocation bits col ۱۳ ۷۲ object code program linking goal resolve the problems with extref and extdef from different control sections linking ۱. user ۲. assembler ۳. linking loader example program in fig. ۳.۸ and object code in fig. ۳.۹ use modification records for both relocation and linking address constant external reference program linking example sheet۱ program a program b program c label expression lista enda listb endb listc endc ref۱ lista local r pc external external ref۲ listb ۴ external local r pc external ref۳ enda lista local a external external ref۴ enda lista listc local a external local r ref۵ endc listc ۱ external external local a ref۶ endc listc lista ۱ local r external local a ref۷ enda lista endb listb local a local a external ref۸ listb lista local r local r external program linking example fig. ۳.۱ load address for control sections proga ۴ ۶۳ progb ۴ ۶۳ ۷f progc ۴ e۲ ۵۱ load address for symbols lista proga ۴ ۴ ۴ listb progb ۶ ۴ c۳ listc progc ۳ ۴۱۱۲ ref۴ in proga enda lista listc ۱۴ ۴۱۱۲ ۴۱۲۶ t ۵۴ f ۱۴fffff۶ ۳f ۱۴ffffc m ۵۴ ۶ listc program logic and data structure two passes logic pass ۱ assign addresses to all external symbols pass ۲ perform the actual loading relocation and linking estab external symbol table sheet۱ control section symbol address length progam a ۴ ۶۳ lista ۴ ۴ enda ۴ ۵۴ program b ۴ ۶۳ ۷f listb ۴ c۳ endb ۴ d۳ program c ۴ e۲ ۵۱ listc ۴۱۱۲ endc ۴۱۲۴ pass ۱ program logic pass ۱ assign addresses to all external symbols variables progaddr program load address from os csaddr control section address cslth control section length estab fig. ۳.۱۱ a process define record pass ۲ program logic pass ۲ perform the actual loading relocation and linking modification record lookup the symbol in estab end record for a main program transfer address fig. ۳.۱۱ b process text record and modification record improve efficiency use local searching instead of multiple searches of estab for the same symbol assign a reference number to each external symbol the reference number is used in modification records implementation ۱ control section name other external reference symbols example fig. ۳.۱۲ figure ۳.۱۲ proga progb progc sheet۱ ref no. symbol address ۱ proga ۴ ۲ listb ۴ c۳ ۳ endb ۴ d۳ ۴ listc ۴۱۱۲ ۵ endc ۴۱۲۴ sheet۱ ref no. symbol address ۱ progb ۴ ۶۳ ۲ lista ۴ ۴ ۳ enda ۴ ۵۴ ۴ listc ۴۱۱۲ ۵ endc ۴۱۲۴ sheet۱ ref no. symbol address ۱ progc ۴ ۶۳ ۲ lista ۴ ۴ ۳ enda ۴ ۵۴ ۴ listb ۴ c۳ ۵ endb ۴ d۳ machine independent loader features automatic library search many linking loaders can automatically incorporate routines from a subprogram library into the program being loaded a standard library other libraries may be specified by control statements or by parameters to the loader also called automatic library call in some systems automatic library search implementation linking loaders that support automatic library search must keep track of external symbols that are referred to but not defined in the primary input to the loader at the end of pass ۱ the symbols in estab that remain undefined represented unresolved external references then the loader searches the library or libraries specified for routines that contain the definitions of these symbols note that the subroutines fetched from a library in this way may themselves contain external references. it is therefore necessary to repeat the library search process until all reference are resolved. automatic library search implementation the process allows the programmer to override the standard subroutines in the library by supplying …

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