Incidence of Osteoporotic Fractures in Women

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Disclosures
● Objectives
● Incidence of
Osteoporotic Fractures in Women
● Osteoporotic Fractures:
Comparison with Other Diseases
● All fractures are Associated With Morbidity
● Vertebral Fractures
● WHO Criteria for Diagnosis of Bone Status
● 10-Year Fracture Risk: Age and BMD
● WHO Absolute Fracture Risk Model FRAX
● Screening for Osteoporosis: U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
Recommendation Statement
● Management of PMO: Goals of Therapy
● Pharmacologic Treatment
● Pharmacologic Treatment of OP: Overview
● Pharmacologic Treatment of PMO: Overview
● Osteoporosis Treatments
Fracture Reduction
● Monitoring Response to Therapy
● It’s Not All Bone Density
● Bisphosphonate Therapy – Risks
● Femoral Shaft Fractures
● Atypical Femoral Fracture
● Summary
● Atypical Fractures
● Bisphosphonates: Decreased Mortality
● Bisphosphonate Therapy Benefits
● Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis — Where Do We Go from Here?
● How Long to Treat With Bisphosphonates?
● Proposed Guidelines for Use of Bisphosphonates
● When Should the Holiday End?*
● Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis – Summary
● 10 Year Probabilities
● Prolia – A Word
● Vitamin D
● Calcium Intake and CV disease
● Calcium Supplementation and CV Disease
● Osteoporosis screening and treatment guidelines: are they being followed?
● Osteoporosis – Primary Prevention
● Summary

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

fracture, ., risk, bone, treatment, woman, osteoporosis, vertebral, t, age, bmd, hip,

توجه: این مطلب در تاریخ 2019/05/16 06:02:30 به صورت خودکار از فضای وب آشکار توسط موتور جستجوی پاورپوینت جمع آوری شده است و در صورت اعلام عدم رضایت تهیه کننده ی آن، طبق قوانین سایت از روی وب گاه حذف خواهد شد. این مطلب از وب سایت زیر استخراج شده است و مسئولیت انتشار آن با منبع اصلی است.

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مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

the three ages of woman gustav klimt ۱۹ ۵ osteoporosis ۲ ۱۳ – where are we now mary zoe baker m.d. disclosures industry research support to institution – vm biopharma novo nordisk merck sharp dohme corp. boehringer ingelheim corcept therapeutics inc. pfizer inc. consultancies financial holdings or speaker’s bureau – none discussion of unlabeled use of drugs none objectives to identify the optimal treatment plans and duration of treatment for common osteoporosis op drugs. to describe how to apply the frax fracture assessment tool to clinical practice. to recognize the risk factors for atypical femoral shaft fractures. vertebrae hip wrist ۵ ۶ ۷ ۸ ۴ ۳ ۲ ۱ age years annual incidence per ۱ women incidence of osteoporotic fractures in women wasnich rd osteoporos int ۱۹۹۷ ۷ suppl ۳ ۶۸ ۷۲ osteoporotic fractures comparison with other diseases ۱۹۹۶ new cases all ages ۱۸۴ ۳ ۷۵ vertebral ۲۵ other sites ۲۵ forearm ۲۵ hip ۵ ۱ ۱۵ ۲ osteoporotic fractures heart attack stroke breast cancer annual incidence x ۱ ۱ ۵ annual incidence all ages ۵۱۳ annual estimate women ۲۹ ۲۲۸ annual estimate women ۳ american heart association ۱۹۹۶ american cancer society ۱۹۹۶ riggs bl melton lj ۳rd bone ۱۹۹۵ ۱۷ ۵ suppl ۵ ۵s ۵۱۱s all fractures are associated with morbidity cooper c am j med ۱۹۹۷ ۱ ۳ ۲a ۱۲s ۱۷s ۴ unable to walk independently ۳ permanent disability ۲ death within one year ۸ one year after an hip fracture patients unable to carry out at least one independent activity of daily living vertebral fractures most common fracture type often silent insidious progressive nature associated with significant morbidity predict future spine and hip fractures associated with ۲ fold increase in risk of death vertebral fractures remain undetected in clinical practice and are a major cause of mortality and morbidity almost ۲ of patients with a prevalent vertebral fracture experience an additional fracture within a year early detection is critical vertebral fractures are frequently asymptomatic – many are only discovered by chance – and less than one third are actually diagnosed.۹ fracture of the spine may lead to crowding of internal organs and intestinal dysfunction or restrictive lung disease. increased mortality and morbidity are associated with limited physical activity back pain skeletal deformity height loss and kyphosis. vertebral fractures are associated with an increased risk for additional vertebral fractures and are predictive for the future development of nonvertebral fractures.۹ diagnostic criteria classification t is above or equal to ۱ normal t is between ۱ and ۲.۵ osteopenia low bone mass t is ۲.۵ or lower osteoporosis t is ۲.۵ or lower fx severe or est. osteoporosis measured in t scores. t score indicates the number of standard deviations below or above the average peak bone mass in young adults. who criteria for diagnosis of bone status hip fracture risk per ۱ years ۳ ۶ ۷ ۸ age ۵ ۱ ۱۵ ۲ ۵ bmd t score ۲.۵ ۲ ۱.۵ ۱ .۵ .۵ ۱ ۱ year fracture risk age and bmd for a given bmd risk increases with age kanis ja et al osteoporos int ۲ ۱ ۱۲ ۹۸۹ ۹۹۵ who absolute fracture risk model frax estimates absolute fracture risk using epidemiology of osteoporosis risk factors and therapeutic data. by basing treatment decisions on fracture probability therapy can be targeted to those who would receive the greatest benefit. calculation tool is online and calculates the ۱ year risk for hip fractures and any osteoporosis related fracture. using a series of clinical questions bmd data weight and height the tool calculates these risks for individual patients. treatment is recommended for a ۱ year hip fracture risk over ۳ and a ۱ year osteoporotic fracture risk over ۲ . screening for osteoporosis u.s. preventive services task force recommendation statement recommendations the uspstf recommends screening for osteoporosis in women aged ۶۵ years or older and in younger women whose fracture risk is equal to or greater than that of a ۶۵ year old white woman who has no additional risk factors. grade b recommendation . the uspstf recommends using a ۱ year fracture risk threshold of ۹.۳ to screen women aged ۵ to ۶۴ years. ann intern med. ۲ ۱۱ ۱۵۴ ۳۵۶ ۳۶۴. new england journal of medicine. ۳۶۶ ۳ ۲۲۵ ۳۳ ۲ ۱۲ jan ۱۹. management of pmo goals of therapy prevent first fragility fracture or future fractures if one has already occurred stabilize increase bone mass relieve symptoms of fractures and or skeletal deformities improve mobility and functional status initiate lifestyle changes to enhance prevention of fractures smoking alcohol pharmacologic treatment targets pharmacologic treatment of op overview treatment action estrogen replacement therapy selective estrogen receptor modulators serms calcitonin bisphosphonates denosumab parathyroid hormone pharmacologic treatment of pmo overview pharmacologic treatment of pmo overview ann intern med. ۲ ۸ ۱۴۹ ۴ ۴ ۴۱۵ denosumab strong evidence strong evidence strong evidence treatment osteoporosis treatments fracture reduction alendronate ۵۲ risedronate ۴۹ ibandronate ۵۶ evista ۵ calcitonin ۳۶ monitoring response to therapy bmd may not tell the whole story remember rate of change must be greater than the precision of the densitometric method unclear if bone density changes reflect the whole picture may want to repeat bmd in another year before changing therapy bone markers high variability make use in individual patients risky may have a role in younger women it’s not all bone density similar changes in bmd may not translate into consistent efficacy for reduction in fracture risk when comparing agents eg. fluoride patients with higher bone turnover may be at higher risk of fracture eg. glucocorticoids even with a normal bone mineral density bone density may not capture all aspects of fracture reduction eg. sensory or drug effects fracture and bone strength the national …

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