Binders, Emulsifying Agents, Surfactants, and Emollients

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

فهرست عناوین اصلی در این پاورپوینت

● Introduction
● Overview of Cosmetic
● Role by Polymer And Surfactant
● What are pressed powder properties?
● Pressed Powder for both pale and dark skin
● Action and Mechanism
● How to Produce make up?
● Lipsticks
● Lipstick
Shapes, packaging and price
● Eyeshadow & Rouge
● Forms
● Rouge/Eyeshadow Ingredients
● Main Ingredients
● Pigments & Opacifiers
● Common Inorganic Pigments
● Binders, Emulsifying Agents, Surfactants, and Emollients
● Common Binders, Emulsifying Agents, Surfactants, and Emollients
● Preservatives & Absorbents
● Compact Powder Eyeshadow
● Liquid/Gel Rouge
● Solid (stick) Rouge
● Cream-Solid Eyeshadow
● Mascara
● Properties of Liquid Cream
● Liquid Cream Composition
● Function of Ingredients
● Processing
● Product -> Market -> Consumer
● Cosmetics Labeling
● Labeling
● Conclusion
● References

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عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

عبارات مهم استفاده شده در این مطلب

., binder, emollient, lipstick, liquid, pigment, skin, oil, color, ۲, wax, cosmetic, purpose,

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عبارات پرتکرار و مهم در این اسلاید عبارتند از: ., binder, emollient, lipstick, liquid, pigment, skin, oil, color, ۲, wax, cosmetic, purpose,

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

مشاهده محتوای متنیِ این اسلاید ppt

colloids and surfacephenomena aspects of make up and lipstick. group members chain kok keong le dieuhanh thi mclaughlin kelly e van natter rainee m date ۱۸th april ۲ ۲ introduction definition of cosmetic ingredients overview of customer requirements role by polymer and surfactants application in cosmetic products eye shadow and blush lipstick liquid cream pressed powder for both pale and dark skin overview of cosmetic consumer aspect high quality safe or non allergic reasonable price multiple performance long wearing role by polymer and surfactant polymer gel like long chain carbon with cross linked conformation encapsulation firm distribution high internal surface areas ideal sorption and desorption mechanism surfactant hydrophilic head group hydrophobic tail emollients wetting agents and emulsifying agents humectants to promote lubricant adhesiveness slip and covering purposes what are pressed powder properties slip spread easily smooth feeling rhapsody zinc stearate adhesiveness cling together zinc stearate octyl palmitate other ingredients coloring pigments iron oxide shininess appearance not over darkness and chalkiness pressed powder for both pale and dark skin sheet۱ long wearing pressed powder for a person having pale skin and dark skin composition components range by weight pale skin dark skin ۱ talc rhapsody ۷ . ۹ . ۹ .۵ ۲m ۷۴.۵ ۴m filler matrix ۲ iron oxides .۱ ۱ . .۵ ۱۵. colorants ۳ polyethylene ۲. ۶. ۳. . micronized ۲. ۸. ۳. . liquid binder ۲. ۶. . ۳.۵ solid binder ۲. ۹. . ۷. liquid binder total ۱ . ۱ . sheet۲ sheet۳ action and mechanism zinc stearate zn c۱۸h۳۵o۲ ۲ long hydrocarbon chain ideal physicals ۶ of moisture alkaline soluble in mineral oils promoting the powder flow ability reduced the interfacial tension octyl palmitate as liquid binder provide cohesion as emulsifier emollients iron oxide fe۲o۳ color pigment how to produce make up guidelines by ultra. chemical inc. pulverize or to crush rhapsody talc in to powder form compress them into pan utilizing ۲ psi – ۲ psi lipsticks purpose protect lips from hard weather color lips objectives variation in color from application to application lasts all day removable with cleansers basic categories of lipsticks matte heavy in wax and pigment but lighter in emollients. gloss less wax and more oil to make the lips shinier. long lasting contains silicone oil which seals the color the lips. satin combination of gloss and matte lipsticks. frosted include a pearl zing agent that adds luster to the color. lipsticks example of lipsticks matte formulation composition components range by wt preferred by wt candellela wax ۳. ۹. ۳. ozokerite ۱. ۴. ۱. paraffin wax ۲. ۵. ۲. isosteryl isostearated ۲. ۱ . ۱ . ultrapure hmp s ۸. ۱ . ۱ . capric caprylic triglyceride ۲. ۱ . ۱ . castor oil qs ۵۱.۶ propyl paraben .۱ .۱ tocopheryl acetate .۱ ۱. .۱ colorants d c ۷ ca lake . ۴. .۳ red oxide . ۳. ۱.۵ rhapsody talc ۴m ۲. ۱ . ۱ . total ۱ . ultra chemical inc. lipsticks function of ingredients emollients a. castor oil extracted from castor plant b. capric caprylic triglyceride oily liquid extract from plant vegetable oil and dairy fats. c. isostearyl isostearate ۲. emulsifiers a. paraffin wax derived from petroleum b. ozokerite wax ceresin wax naturally occurs in mineral wax. preservatives a. propyl parahen propyl ۴ hydroxylbenzoate and prepare from p bromophenol colorants a. d c red ۷ ca lake b. red oxide c. ultrapure hmp s binders a. candellia wax lipsticks processing ۱. heat the ingredients to ۷۵ ۸۵degree celsius ۲. mix until the batch is smooth and uniform lipstick shapes packaging and price eyeshadow rouge purpose to provide color requirements objectives contain pigments adhere to skin have adequate slip to spread onto skin limited solubility in perspiration to avoid streaking but easily removable with cleansers safe for eyes preservatives ~۴ sec the sole purpose of eyeshadow and rouge is to provide color. in order to satisfactorily achieve this goal the cosmetic must… contain pigments adhere to skin have adequate slip to spread onto skin have limited water and oil solubility for decent wear in varying conditions ie not run with perspiration . should be easily removable with cleansers eyeshadow must be safe for eyes which means preservatives are important. forms liquid suspension emulsion solid stick dry compact solid creamy ~۲۵ sec rouge can be found in the following forms liquid suspension which contains pigments suspended in water alcohol glycerol etc. liquid emulsion which consists of a pigment suspended in a fluid emulsion. cream lipstick like solid form dry compact today of the above the dry compact is the most common type to be found. application is done with the use of a powder puff or brush. the solid form is similar in composition to lipstick and in fact some women use lipstick as a substitute for rouge though solid rouge should ideally have a much more diluted color. it is applied and then blended. the creams and emulsions are applied and blended with the fingers which has probably led to the higher popularity of the dry compact form. sagarin ۲۵۹ ۲۵۵ . rouge eyeshadow ingredients filler pigments and opacifiers binders emulsifiers emollients preservatives absorbents perfume carriers viscosity controllers thickeners brief overview slide main ingredients dry compact cosmetics talc ۳mgo·۴sio۲·h۲o filler slip and shine due to lamellar structure very soft white adheres to skin evenly liquid gel rouges water solvent cream solid cosmetics caprylic capric triglyceride solvent emollient octyl palmitate binder emollient mineral oil binder castor oil see lipsticks marmion sagarin ۲۲۳ ۲۲۴ talc already discussed kkc don’t describe in detail below esters and oils pigments opacifiers purpose to provide the color for the cosmetic opacifiers increase the opaqueness coverage of the applied cosmetic color objectives should not change color bleed or streak with ph changes water or oil perspiration should not fade significantly when exposed to light be heat stable be easy to add into product be non toxic all pigments of same particle size ~۱۵ sec sagarin ۲۲۹ ۲۳۵ poucher iii ۲۸۳ common inorganic pigments marmion ۹۹ ۱۱۱ sagarin ۲۲۸ ۲۳۳ pci jones ۵ sec refer them to web site see doc file for notes binders emulsifying agents surfactants and emollients binders provide cohesion of powders emulsifying agents surfactants promote the mixing of otherwise immiscible liquids lower surface tension promoting more even mixing emollients soften and smooth the skin many cosmetic ingredients serve more than ۱ of these purposes and thus they have been combined for the purpose of listing ingredients. european commission sagarin ۲۵۷ common binders emulsifying agents surfactants and emollients zinc and magnesium stearate dry binder caprylic capric triglyceride solvent emollient octyl palmitate binder emollient mineral oil binder emollient petroletum binder emollient squalane liquid binder emollient isopropyl myristate liquid binder waxes binders emulsion stabilizers emollients viscosity controlling agents castor oil see lipsticks european commission sagarin ۲۲۷ ۲۵۶ ۲۵۸ ۲۸۸ ۳۹ poucher i ۵ ۳۴۴ only discuss those found in sample formulation that i pick preservatives absorbents preservatives purpose inhibit the growth of micro organisms examples parabens esters of p hydroxybenzoic acid glyceryl monolaurate edta imidazolidinyl urea absorbents purpose absorb water oil. examples magnesium carbonate kaolin perfume carriers examples magnesium carbonate chalk product dictionary european commission compact powder eyeshadow talc filler ۶۴.۷ wt ultramarine blue pigment ۲ . octyl palmitate liquid binder ۷. squalane liquid binder ۳.۵ iron oxides pigment ۲.۶ zinc …

کلمات کلیدی پرکاربرد در این اسلاید پاورپوینت: ., binder, emollient, lipstick, liquid, pigment, skin, oil, color, ۲, wax, cosmetic, purpose,

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